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CircuitSchools was founded in the year 2019 to build a platform for IoT developers to provide IoT Projects, Ideas, Tutorials for clear cut visualizations with Principles, working, program codes to help the people who are interested in building DIY projects, hobbyists, and engineers to help them build electronic projects.

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What we expect from this?

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We want to share the basic to advanced knowledge to beginners who are interested in entering this IoT world. Our main motto is to share or publish every topic related to electronic projects on our blog, which maximizes capacity to help the developers in every aspects.

Who we are and how we write?


We are a team of 3 Electronics and Communications Engineering graduated members from a Top 10 universities. Our team first think of a project, list out all the required components then design a circuit and refer all the datasheets related to them. Then prepare the code and list out all the principles, definitions, Important notes.


At Present our site is monetized with google, If any person or brand want to sponsor any sensors or any components for review can contact us. We publish a detailed tutorial and review by examining the product and share with sponsor attribution.

Write to us:

We are interested in publishing your projects if they comply with our conditions. We invite the makers and developers to pitch the projects to us through contact us page. We will respond to you if your project comply with our conditions and publish with your attributions.

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